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Beezsafe Beginnings

In 2011, Beezsafe originally designed an animated computer DVD to make children repeat key personal information in a question/answer scenario to assist their retention. As well as use that retention in situations that will assist them in emergency and safety situations.

This DVD contains a series of fun adventures using animation. The key character is Buzzy Beezsafe who will repetitively ask questions of your child, and once the correct answer is given your child will receive a reward in the form of a congratulation message.

The repetitive actions are in the form of multiple choice and simple spelling questions. This is a learning aspect of the application.

Childcare Involvement evolution

In 2013, Beezsafe started investigating the “Early Years Curriculum” as to how our DVD could help childcare centres in assisting to achieve their assessment and rating using “The Adventures of Buzzy Beezsafe”. By June 2014, after thorough and extensive research, the DVD was redeveloped into an early years curriculum support resource.

The resource is designed for the most experienced educators to educators just starting out in the early childhood education and care profession.

National Quality Standard

With the focus on quality early childhood education and care, the National Quality Standard has been linked throughout the individual instruction guides, with handy tips on how to embed the Beezsafe Adventures of Buzzy Beezsafe program within a Quality Improvement Plan.

National Quality Framework

Each adventure aligns to all learning outcomes within with the Education and Care Services National Regulations, in turn aligning with the Outcomes listed within all approved Early Years Learning Frameworks.



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